Sinfully Delicious BBQ!
Welcome to the 'Best Barbeque In Fort Walton Beach!'
We make everything from scratch - including all 7 our our bbq sauces
We want your lunch money!
If you don't have long for lunch, our service  is fast casual style. That means that you come through our serving line and we will fix your tray, you pay the cashier, fix your drink and choose your bbq sauce from our sauce bar,  Utensils are conveniently located next to  the drinks station and then you seat yourself.
Then you can take as much or as little time you want to finish lunch or visit. Hint: We won't run you off!!
We Invite You To Dinner!
Our dinner service is the same as our lunch.  However, if you have a larger group we can take everyones order and bring it to your table so that the whole table gets their food at the same time.  Please note that our closing times vary based on the season so please call before you come.
Finally! A Real Made From Scratch Menu
Many barbeque restaurants get their meats and sides shipped to them from a supplier or a corporate warehouse.  Not so here at The Parson's Son BBQ.   All of our meats and sides are made from scratch right here in the restaurant  and we won't ever change that.  Our baked beans are cooked on the smoker out back in order to give them an extra bit of flavor. Our potato salad is made from fresh potatoes, our red beans and rice are made with over 20 different ingredients and simmered for over 3 hours right here in our kitchen.  You can't get this kind of home cooked goodness just anywhere. See you soon!
I hope that you enjoy yourself here and feel at home. If you are happy with us, tell everybody. If you aren’t, please tell me so that I can fix it!

Tom Harwell